MIBIM – is an abbreviation and is deciphered as Macro Integration Building Information Modeling (that in translation into Russian Macro Integration into Information Modelling of the Building designates).

Specialists of the JSC MIBIM company work in a scope of IT technologies in the sphere of design, production and construction since 2004.

The company is engaged in development and deployment of projects of automation, at creation of design documentation, planning and execution of production and technological processes, financial and administrative consulting on the basis of the program T-FLEX PLM complex of decisions, carrying out full system integration of the enterprises.


Creation of the software for construction on the basis of BIM technology.

BIM is information model, at which biggest advantage in use of information — this its reuse and transfer on the subsequent stages. It is necessary to use BIM throughout all life cycle of the building, operation and BIM value consists in reuse and replenishment of already existing information.


To introduce the new concept of design and accuracy of implementation of construction projects, with the maximum economic efficiency.


It is necessary to create a system platform which will allow to collect in one complex implementation of construction projects in new quality:

  1. Design (the 3D model is created, it is carefully studied for creation of detailed design engineering).

  2. Opportunity to carry out calculations, to do quantitative modeling of processes and quality standard according to environmental standards and the concept of Green Building (power efficiency, light pollution, natural lighting in the building, observance of temperature condition, air ventilation, water use (so-called "gray" water), modeling of influence of a wind on environment, safety modeling the building — three-dimensiona l monitoring of object, etc.)

  3. Construction (is determined by model on staging of construction of designs and performance of installation and construction works, practical construction is checked)

  4. The subsequent operation (to operators the model received at a construction stage is transferred, it concerns management of safety of object, management of air conditioning, ventilation, operation and maintenance of systems, and also fillability of the building by people, etc.)

  5. Opportunity at realization of BIM technology to apply not only existing, but also new materials and technologies in construction is necessary.

  6. When using BIM to release a manpower — as an effective remedy of management.

  7. Effectively to use scheduling, the budget of construction and dates of performance of works.

  8. To control and reduce cost of works and operating costs.