Designing in ArchiMAD involves creating projects using already existing libraries that meet the standards ESKD and SPDS. If necessary, the user will be able to create your own library of elements and components with easy-to-use editor.
The product ArchiMAD all participants can work at the same time, optimizing each other's actions. All changes made to the draft seen by all employees in real time. This significantly reduces the time. The timing of the project and reduce the number of mistakes made because of the constant changes in a particular system.

Unlike traditional programs ArchiMAD by design

  • Projected objects are created in full compliance with the actual object in the exact size of geometrically correct.
  • Object from the library has some predefined properties corresponding to generally accepted standards (characteristics, information on manufacturers, price and so on.). Objects, if necessary, we can change, supplement.
  • The models are created and tracked semantic links. So in violation of one of the systems ArchiMAD inform the user about the error that will prevent them on site.
  • The model contains all the information about the proposed facility, ensuring consistency, accuracy in calculation and availability.
  • The model allows to work with the data throughout the life cycle of the object. From design to renovation / removal.

Advantages over traditional software engineering

  • The ability to create an information modeling and 3D model changes in its design throughout the life cycle.
  • Design re-building of a new engineering equipment, bringing its performance to date.
  • Tracking the current state of the building and to take timely measures for its restoration / removal.
  • Significantly reducing the timeline for budgeting and project documentation.
  • Data is added to the data model throughout the entire life cycle of the building.
Unlike the traditional design possibilities ArchiMAD allow the transfer of the bulk of the work to adjust the model to the stage of conceptual design and development stage of the project documentation. Thus, all the design errors are detected at the stage of computer-aided design, minimizing the likelihood of detecting errors on the site. At the core lies ArchiMAD new 3D kernel - RGK, founded in 2003 by Russian specialists do not concede, and on key performance indicators exceeding existing foreign developments.