Statement of work

The most successful definition is presented to Wikipedias "Statement of work an initial document for designtechnicalof object.Statement of work establishes a basic purpose of the developed object, its technical and tactical technical characteristics, indicators of quality and technical and economic requirements, the instruction on performance of necessary stages of creation of documentation (design, technological, program etc.) and its structure, and also special requirements. The task as the initial document for creation something new exists in all spheres of activity, differing according to the name, the contents, a registration order, etc. (for example, the detailed design in construction, a fighting task, homework, the contract for the literary work etc.)"

Statement of work– it is the document which cornerstone the requirements formulated in language, clear for the Customer, are. Thus the branch terminology clear to the Customer can and has to be used. The binding to features of technical realization has to be at the level of screen forms, forms of reports and so forth. Has to be engaged in examination and a formulation of requirements, and also development of the Specificationbusiness analyst.