Preliminary design

When developing the outline sketch the following works are carried out:

  1. ​performance of versions of possible decisions, establishment of features of options, their design study. Depth of such study has to be sufficient for comparison of the considered options.
  2. Production and test of material models and (or) development and the analysis of electronic models for the purpose of check of the principles of work of a product and its components.
  3. ​Development and justification of the technical solutions aimed at providing the indicators of reliability established by the specification and the technical offer.
  4. ​A product assessment on technological effectiveness and correctness of a choice of control devices (tests, the analysis, measurements).
  5. ​A product assessment on indicators of standardization and unification.
  6. ​A product assessment concerning its compliance to requirements of ergonomics, an industrial art.
  7. ​Check of options on the patent frequency and competitiveness, registration of demands for inventions.
  8. ​Check of compliance of options to requirements of safety measures and production sanitation.
  9. Choice of optimum option of a product, justification of a choice; adoption of basic decisions; confirmation of the requirements imposed to a product established by the specification.
  10. ​Drawing up the list of works which it is necessary to develop at the subsequent stage, in addition or specification of the works provided by the specification.
  11. Study of the main questions of manufacturing techniques (if necessary).