The project call a set of the technical documentation which is completely characterizing the building planned to construction, a construction or their complex. Construction of buildings can be carried out on standard, individual and pilot projects.

The standardproject is intended for repeated application. At its development economic and operational requirements, climatic conditions of the area of construction, and also the requirement of high level of the space-planning and constructive decision have to be completely considered.

According to standard projects build buildings of mass construction (houses, schools, kindergartens and a day nursery, policlinics, etc.). In the course of application of the standard project to conditions of a concrete building site develop the project of a binding (the adaptation of the standard project to a concrete town-planning situation, a relief, soil). The specified drawings of the bases, cellars, socle part, drawings of an adjunction of engineering networks of the building to external networks on a site, etc. are a part of working drawings of a binding.

Individualprojects are developed for construction of the difficult and unique buildings and their complexes having important town-planning value.

Projectsof experimentalconstruction are intended for construction of buildings of new types and their check in operational conditions for the purpose of the subsequent introduction in mass construction.