Dismantle is not less complex challenge than and construction of buildings. The it is more difficult ways of construction of the building — the more difficult mechanisms are necessary on their demolition. Territories of the cities now extend not only in breadth but also in a height. For this reason there is a need for replacement of old designs with the new. From this point of view dismantle of construction constructions is primary base for construction of the new urbanized spaces.

There are three ways of dismantle of a structure:

1.​ The most sparing way — is step-by-step dismantling of buildings at which manual types of works are applied. This way is necessary at demolition of wooden structures, or when planning recycling of construction materials.

2.​ More widespread and less delicate — the mechanized way. Represents a collapse of designs by means of excavators with the hinged equipment and other heavy machinery.

3.​ The fastest of the effective. It is explosion of buildings. Demands high professionalism and exact calculation.