Working documents

Requirements to structure and contents of sections of project documentation at works on construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of capital construction projects are defined legislatively. The main document regulating it is the Town-planning code.

Working documentsit is developed for realization in the course of construction of architectural, technical and technological concepts.

Situation does not contain instructions on sequence of development of working documentation that defines possibility of its performance, both along with preparation of project documentation, and after its preparation. Thus volume,composition and content of working documents should be determined by the customerdepending on extent of specification of the decisions containing in project documentation and to be specified in a design assignment.


of February 16, 2008 N 87



Design documentation for capital construction of industrial and non-productive purposes should include 12 sections:

Section 1 "Explanatory note"

​Section 2 "Scheme of the Planning Organization of the Land Plot"

​Section 3 "Architectural concepts"

Section 4 "Constructive and space-planning decisions

Section 5 "Data on the Engineering Equipment, on Networks of Technical Providing, List of Technical Actions, Contents of Technological Decisions"

subsection "System of Power Supply";

subsection "System of Water Supply";

subsection "System of Water Disposal";

subsection "Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Thermal Networks";

subsection "Communication networks";

subsection "System of Gas Supply";

​subsection "Technological Decisions".

Section 6 "Project of the Organization of Construction"

Section 7 "Project of the Organization of Works on Demolition or Dismantle of Capital Construction Projects"

·​Section 8 "List of Actions for Environmental Protection"

​Section 9 "Actions for Ensuring Fire Safety"

​Section 10 "Actions for Ensuring Access of Disabled People"

The section 10(1) "Actions for ensuring compliance with power efficiency and requirements of equipment of buildings, structures and constructions metering devices of the used energy resources"

Section 11 "The Estimate on Construction of Facilities of Capital Construction"

Section 12 "Other Documentation in the Cases Provided by Federal Laws"

Project documentation on linear objects of capital construction and requirements for the content of these sections is made up of 10 sections:

​Section 1 "Explanatory note"

​Section 2 "Project of a Strip of Branch"

​Section 3 "Technological and constructive solutions of linear object. Artificial constructions"

Section 4 "Buildings, structures and constructions entering into infrastructure of linear object

​Section 5 "Project of the organization of construction

Section 6 "Project of the organization of works on demolition (dismantle) of linear object

​Section 7 "Actions for Environmental Protection"

Section 8 "Actions for ensuring fire safety

Section 9 "The Estimate on Construction"

Section 10 "Other Documentation in the Cases Provided by Federal Laws"