Maintenance repair


The residential building in the course of use demands continuous service, repair or restoration in process of failure of separate details. The Technical Operation of the Building (TOB) – a complex of the actions providing functioning of the building to destination.

The system of TEZ is a set of means, materials, the products intended for functioning of buildings in the set modes, and also performers and documentation establishing specifications, the rules of interaction necessary for effective use.

As a result of operation of buildings they are exposed to wear. Wear of the building – loss eventually of durability, stability, decrease it is warm also sound-proof properties, water - and air tightness (i.e. decrease in consumer cost of the building in connection with failure of its elements and systems). Main reasons for wear: the natural factors and technological processes connected with use of the building. The building is exposed to physical wear unevenly as it consists of various elements at which duration of no-failure operation is not identical.

Maintenance of the building - a complex of works on maintenance of a working order of elements of the building and the set parameters (modes) of operation of its technical devices. Enter it: annual adjustment of the engineering equipment, surveys and preparation for seasonal operation, implementation of demands of the population.

The volume of these works can not always be planned precisely as emergence of small refusals has casual character. Unlike capital and current preventive repairs, maintenance of the building is carried out, as a rule, necessarily. Complexity of maintenance consists in the organization of continuous supervision, fixing of the arising defects, diagnostics of the reasons. The complex of works on maintenance is reduced to below to the given tasks.

  • periodic planned surveys of the bearing designs and the engineering equipment
  • providing in rooms of necessary temperature and humidity, lighting of rooms and the house adjoining territory,
  • providing measures of fire safety,
  • the contents and care of the bearing designs, facades, rooms, ladders, roofs, doors, windows and other construction elements of the building (construction),
  • contents, service and adjustment of the mechanical, electric, gas equipment,
  • ensuring giving of municipal resources,
  • preparation for operation of the building (construction) during the autumn and winter period

Enters a complex of actions for technical operation of buildings:

  • the current, planned repair and adjusting - for
  • maintenance of designs and systems of the engineering equipment, and also maintenance of eksplutatsionny indicators;
  • capital planned repairs - for restoration of a resource of the building with change at need of constructive elements and systems of the engineering equipment;
  • unforeseen maintenance;
  • selective (unplanned) capital repairs;
  • maintenance of buildings (planned and extraordinary surveys).