The organization of new construction is a difficult, long multi-stage process. The coordinated performance of all stages provides optimization of time and material inputs, relieves of unpleasant "surprises" during construction and operation.

Main stages of building of object

1.​ Choice of the land plot.

At a ground choice under construction it is worth paying attention to the following aspects: 
- picturesque vicinities 
- density of the existing building 
- density of green plantings 
- restrictions on the house locations on a site and on construction height 
- an ecological situation in the area 
- possibility of installation of telephones to the house 
- availability of operational services 
- availability of the main gas 
- existence of the centralized garbage removal, deliveries of mail 
- existence of engineering networks of the sewerage, water supply, power supply 
- municipal service of roads 
- possibility of insurance of construction and the finished constructions 
- availability of social infrastructure / hospital, shops, mail, beaches, athletic fields and other / 
- data on long-term plans of development of neighboring territories / plans in building / 
- legal status of a site / yur. registration, land surveying /

2.​ Engineering-geol ogical researches and topographical survey, make for definition of the bearing characteristics of soil and structure and level of ground waters.

3.​ Construction license. To start lawful construction, having the approved working draft on hands, the customer is obliged to pass a number of coordination in local authorities.

4.​ Construction preparation. Having the approved project and allowing documents, the customer signs the contract with the construction contractor. At this stage works on the device of access roads to a building site and ensuring temporary power supply are performed. Also breakdown of the plan – transfer on the land plot and fixing of all axes from the design drawing and the sizes of future base is carried out.

5.​ Zero cycle. Treat works on a zero cycle: 
- Vertical layout of a site 
- Breakdown and digging of trenches, ditches for the device of the bases 
- Soil transportation 
- Laying of pipelines and cable network 
- Return zasypka of soil

- Establishment of pile constructions 
- Establishment of base blocks 
- Base waterproofing

6.​ A basis cycle - construction of the framework \box \building (except finishing of walls and a roofing covering) 
- Construction of a temporary framework with a roof for protection of the subsequent stages of construction against a rain 
- Bearing walls 
- Columns and beams 
- Monolithic designs 
- Interfloor overlappings

7.​ Registration and finishing of facades, piers, establishment of window boxes and roofing covering 
- Brick \block laying of piers 
- Construction of a roof 
- Installation of an electrical wiring 
- Installation of systems of heating 
- Plaster works 
- Filling of front apertures 
- Front finishing

8.​ Internal works - partitions, a covering of floors and completion of ceiling works 
- Device of partitions 
- Device of floor coverings 
- Ceiling works 
- Installation of internal engineering systems

9.​ The final stage - finishing of interiors 
- Installation of inside doors 
- External / end(s) internal finishing painting 
- Pokleyka and installation of wall coverings 
- Sanitary works 
- Electric devices, el. sockets and switches 
- Installation of furniture, accessories 
- Delivery of the house in operation